Many people have heard, “Tanning is bad for your skin!”—but a lot of people don’t understand all the benefits indoor tanning actually gives us if used correctly! Here at Hot Body Tanning we want to not only give you year-round confidence, but also the educational tools to make sure you are safe, healthy, and BRONZE! Hot Body Tanning wants you to know that visiting an indoor tanning salon regularly, as long as you are not over doing it, can be a great way to keep you feeling your best!

It's good for you...​

Indoor tanning helps in more ways than one—Regular tanning actually reduces the risk of sunburn. As you gradually build a base tan during your tanning sessions the outer layer of your skin thickens and makes the skin less likely to burn when out in the sun too long. Next time you’re planning your family beach vacation, make sure to come tan with us for about 2-3 weeks before (depending on your skin type) so you can enjoy the beachy rays without any harmful sunburns!

Everyone knows we synthesize Vitamin D mostly through UV Rays from sunshine and sunbeds, but not many people realize how important Vitamin D actually is! A Vitamin D deficiency can leave you crippled to serious health conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and more! SAD—Seasonal Affective Disorder is an emotional disorder closely linked to Vitamin D deficiency. During the winter months when the sun is not as prominent you can feel sad, moody, and have a loss of energy due to the fact your body isn’t getting enough Vitamin D. A quick remedy to this seasonal depression is indoor tanning! The UV rays in sunbeds mimic the sunlight in a more concentrated aspect. Tanning beds emit roughly 12 times more UVA light than natural sunlight, which is why a quick 20 mins or less is actually beneficial to our bodies! Plus, tanning generally makes you feel better, look great, while also reducing risks of many different health conditions with our skin!

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The products...

We cannot stress enough the importance of using pre-tanning and post-tanning products! Everyone thinks that consultants are only trying to “push a sale”, but the benefits of using a lotion before and a moisturizer after heightens your tanning results by the hundreds! Good pre-tanning habits help you obtain a tan more quickly, help the tan last longer, and help replenish your skin! Everyone’s skin is different, but we guarantee that using a tanning lotion before and moisturizer after each session maximizes tanning results for every tanner.

At Hot Body Tanning, we know not every skin is the same so we keep stock on various types of lotions. Tanning lotions, like skin, are very different and are made to target different aspects of the tanning process to optimize your tanning sessions. Let us help you decide which tanning lotion is best to apply for your tanning needs. Based on your skin type, we can help eliminate the frustration of picking between the bronzers, bronzers with self-tanners, intensifiers, accelerators, coolants, and tingles!


We can also show you the best aftercare products we have in store to help make your color last longer. By replenishing your skin's moisture after each session with one of our lotions you are encouraging your skin's natural oils to rejuvenate. In return, your skin looks flawless, is prepared for the next tanning session, and helps even out skin tones! WIN- WIN~

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The science behind the color…


A lot of customers come to our salon to get a nice golden color before the season changes, but some people come strategically! To help prepare your skin before the harsh Summer rays, lay indoor for a couple of weeks prior. It is important that you give your skin enough time to build a base tan gradually as well, depending on your skin type. Now you’re probably asking, “What’s a skin type??"


We want our clients to know, it takes time to get an effective, healthy tan. Knowing what skin type you are is crucial to getting the best tan for your buck! Depending on your skin type it could take up to 10 sessions or more to build an effective base tan.

The tanning process is two phases: Immediate Pigment Darkening and Delayed Tanning Phase

IPD is brought on by the existing melanin in our skin and comes from the UVA Rays. This is the immediate color change we see after a tanning session. Depending on your skin type, this phase can last up to 72 hours. DTP is brought on by UVA & UVB rays that promote more melanin to be produced and comes after IPD, 72 hours after exposure.


Because IPD length is based on individual skin type, some people may only experience it for several minutes after their session and feel like they didn’t get a successful tan, but this is simply not the case. This is when a sunless tanning lotion would be beneficial because you can use it for immediate color while your skin is still processing the different breakdowns of the tanning process.

If you aren’t sure what your skin type is or how long you should lay for your first session—Ask one of our associates in store! All of our personnel have been certified as Tanning Consultant and are here to help! They can teach you the differences in your skin type, type of bed to use, and tanning session length that is the best fit for you. We also can recommend any products that can be beneficial for your color expectations.

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Be sure to follow these tips maximize results:
  • Exfoliate, shave, and moisturize a day or BEFORE tanning!

  • Make sure to wait at least 3 hours after each tanning session to bathe and moisturize. 

  • Be aware of the products ingredients you use—ingredients like alcohol, mineral oils, and sulfates are all culprits of stripping/blocking a tan. Buying in-store products take this worry away because we only sell products to promote healthy, happy, glowing skin!